Bob and Patti Heath with American Fitness have been family owned and operated since 1986.  American Fitness has been certified through the ACE, American Council on Exercise, Dean's List with Oakland Community College Exercise Physiology Nutrition Classes and the on staff instructors have been taught to follow these health and fitness guidelines. Patti Heath is a RN Registered Nurse as April 2016.  American Fitness has certified and/or qualified fitness instructors, but they are not doctors or physical therapists, so it's important you see a doctor and/or physical therapist before starting an exercise program.  Read the PAR-Q questionnaire and Warning Signs.  American Fitness instructors will help you set up a workout program that's right for you with your doctors and/or physical therapists recommendations if needed.
The gym area features "State of the Art" exercise equipment by 
LifeFitness, Bodymaster, Cybex, Icarian, Paramount, Star Track, Polaris, Wateman  
Resistance Machines, and Cardio Machines Treadmills, Elliptical, Recumbent Bikes, & Steps.  
 Our memberships offer **  FREE **  personalized instructions to get you started with an exercise program.... 4 Free Personal Training Sessions
GREAT FOR All Fitness Levels & BEGINNERS!!